Monique Camirand

My name is Monique Camirand. I live and work in Ottawa. I'm 52 years old, married and the mother of three adult children and a stepchild. I love helping and motivating others to make healthy choices. I have been a lifelong advocate of physical fitness. Training, teaching and coaching have been my profession and my vocation for more than 25 years.

I'm a high school physical education teacher (BEd. Honours, University of Ottawa), a certified personal trainer with the YMCA/YWCA, and a Level 3 certified coach.

Over the years I've learned how to communicate with, motivate, coach and train people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and interests. I am fluently bilingual so I am equally comfortable in English and French environments.

My Philosophy and My Program

Five years ago I created a fitness course at my school that transformed my life. I had noticed that younger women often fall into the calorie deficit trap where they consume fewer calories than required by our basic metabolic system. This creates an ideal situation for our body to store fat by depleting our lean mass.

From my experience and study, I've found that increasing lean mass and increasing calorie intake to meet our basic needs encourages the body to use fat as a source of energy thus protecting and keeping the important lean mass. Based on this principle I developed a comprehensive training and dietary regime. Then I decided to follow my own program. I focused on clean eating, started running and made resistance training a regular part of my regime instead of just playing ice hockey three times a week.

By following my program I trimmed off 20 pounds of fat. See for yourself my “before” and “after” photos on my home page.
My group personal training and boot camp classes are geared to women since I've found that women in particular have the natural tendency to forget themselves as they care for others. What many don't realize is that unless they do invest the time to care for themselves they won't be around to enjoy their grandchildren. I plan to be an active grandmother and you can too.

Professional Accreditation and Experience

Working at St. Matthew Catholic High School in Orleans, I am the Physical Education Department Head where I supervise a staff of five. Together we serve hundreds of students who participate in various varsity teams, intramural teams and numerous individual and group physical activities. Our four-year course curriculum focuses on healthy active living including units on personal fitness, nutrition, fitness program design, lifelong fitness, outdoor activities, first aid and water safety.

As my interest in personal fitness grew, I decided to become a certified personal trainer with the YMCA/YWCA. This valuable course taught me how to adapt my program and training approach to accommodate diverse abilities and conditions (i.e., diabetics, youth, the elderly, cardiac patients, cancer survivors). I've been offering personal training consultations and group training since 2009.

I was a team Canada National Paralympics Boccia assistant coach for over 10 years. During that time I had the privilege of being involved in the Athens Paralympics and the Beijing Paralympics. Working with athletes with Cerebral Palsy has given me a wealth of knowledge in adaptive training (i.e., customizing training programs to meet different physical requirements) that I put in practice in my personal training consultations and group training classes.